Body Contouring

Shape Your Body in All the Right Places

Shape Your Body in All the Right Places

Ask about our fat grafting services

Sometimes, your body stores fat in one area while remaining stubbornly flat in another area. This is a result of your genes, so diet and exercise alone are unlikely to help you make much of a change to these areas. Luckily, you can still do something about them.

You can come to Shafran Plastic Surgery Center for body fat grafting services. Our board-certified plastic surgeon can:

  • Remove unwanted fat via liposuction
  • Process and purify the fat for grafting
  • Add fat to your desired area
We can use fat grafts to enhance many areas, including faces, hands, feet, breasts, hips and buttocks. You can also get small fat grafts to fill out uneven scars. Consult a plastic surgeon now to find out whether our services are right for you.

How long do fat grafts last?

Once we've added fat to an area of your body, it'll remain there permanently. The grafted fat can still shrink or grow as you lose or gain weight. To learn more about this change to your body's natural fat distribution, talk to our plastic surgeon right away.