Enhance Your Body the Way You Want

Enhance Your Body the Way You Want

Trust our surgeon with your breast augmentation

If you're considering breast implants, also known as a breast augmentation, you'll want a skilled plastic surgeon on your team. Shafran Plastic Surgery Center has a board-certified surgeon with appointments available for your convenience. When you set up a consultation with us, we'll go through your options and walk you through the entire procedure. Our surgeon will also recommend the best implant type and size to achieve your desired look.

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Women choose to get implants for a variety of reasons. You may want implants to get your body back to how it used to be when you were younger or accentuate your physical appearance. Implants can:

  • Increase your breasts' size
  • Correct your uneven breasts
  • Repair your breasts after other procedures

If you've had a mastectomy, implants can be a great next step. Reach out to us today to set up your consultation.